• Teema Dinner Plate 10.25" White


Teema Dinner Plate 10.25" White

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Teema’s strength is beautiful colors and endless combinations you can create. Highly versatile, Teema serves all your changing dining needs. You can prepare food with Teema dishes and use them in the oven. Teema can also be used for serving, storing and even freezing. The collection is functional, durable and refined. New to the Teema collection is Powder, a warm, neutral color that has beautiful softness in it. Powder is a calm, soothing shade that evokes the soft, tranquil sky of a Nordic sunset. A sophisticated and smooth companion or alternative to the pureness of white, powder combines with other colors in a clean, modern way. It gives a calming background for colorful ingredients and lets them shine.

10.25" L x 10.25" W x 1.30" H