• Candle Stand, Cast Iron
  • Candle Stand, Cast Iron
  • Candle Stand, Cast Iron

Tadahiro Baba

Candle Stand, Cast Iron

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1 ¾” x 1 ¾” x 1 ¾”H

This cast iron candle holder is handmade in the workshop 'Saburo Sumitani' in Takaoka, Japan and is a design by Tadahiro Baba. The Japanese designer was born in Kyoto in 1930, his designs are closely linked to the traditional Japanese craft of Nambu Tekki (cast iron), and at the same time often have a distinctive and modern sense of humor. Takaoka is located in the Toyama region of Japan, which is famous for Nambu Tekki with a manufacturing tradition looking back on 400 years of history. The candle holder is painted with a layer of varnish containing urusiol and is therefore rustproof.

Cast iron candle holder

Design: Tadahiro Baba

Material: cast iron, urusiol lacquered