• Cypress Hinoki Box
  • Cypress Hinoki Box
  • Cypress Hinoki Box


Cypress Hinoki Box

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Have you ever seen a square-shaped wooden container filled with Japanese sake, or a person who drinks it with a wooden cup? This type of cup is called masu, and it is now available at Japanese taste.

Masu wooden cup is a traditional Japanese tool that is originally used for measuring the amount of rice. However, today it is used as a sake cup in auspicious occasions including Japanese-style wedding ceremonies, anniversary events, or birthdays. Although it is okay to drink the sake directly from the masu cup, it is also common to place a glass cup inside it, and pour sake until the cup generates an overflow of sake inside it (it is said that in Japanese context, this overflow is a sign of goodwill and respect from the host who serves sake).

Despite the fact that it is a wooden tool, this masu cup has excellent antibacterial effects as it is made of hinoki (Japanese cypress) wood. It is a great idea to appreciate its pleasant woody aroma while using it.

Its capacity is approximately 150g or 180ml, so you can use it as a measuring cup for approximate measurements.

Processed using the manufacturer’s special high-pressure assembly method, this wooden cup does not leak.

  • Material: Hinoki (Japanese cypress)
  • Size (L×W×H): 3.5"×3.5"× 2" (outside dimension) / 2.5"×2.5"× 1.5" (inside dimension)
  • Manufacturer name: Umezawa Mokuzai Kougeisya
  • Note: To prevent mold and the like, dry this product thoroughly when unused.
  • Made in Japan