• Fennel Pollen Rub, 2 oz
  • Fennel Pollen Rub, 2 oz
  • Fennel Pollen Rub, 2 oz
  • Fennel Pollen Rub, 2 oz

Wineforest Wild Foods

Fennel Pollen Rub, 2 oz

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Foeniculum vulgare    2 oz. jar

Here is complex and haunting stuff.  Wineforest has balanced a blend of fennel and spice with subtle citrus notes can and should be used as a spice as well as a rub.  This seasoning lends classic enchantment to seafood, pork and is a surprising enhancement for endless culinary adventures from bread to pizza.  Sprinkle some on vegetables and salads.

Suggested Uses:

  • Season breadcrumbs for topping everything from broiled tomatoes to pastas and soups
  • Sprinkle into and atop cold summer salads like chicken and tuna salad or Salade Nicoise
  • Brighten up a basic vinaigrette in a subtle way
  • Season a pot of your favorite white beans
  • Give your Bloody Mary a make-over

About Wineforest Wild Foods: Connie Green is a pioneer for introducing American mushroom foraging to the culinary world in 1979. Since then she has championed reforestation and preservation while showcasing the award-winning bounty.