• Gloss Gray 5 5/8" x 2 7/8" Mid-Deep Round Bowl
  • Gloss Gray 5 5/8" x 2 7/8" Mid-Deep Round Bowl

Hasami Porcelain

Gloss Gray 5 5/8" x 2 7/8" Mid-Deep Round Bowl

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The historic town of Hasami in Nagasaki Prefecture is one of the foremost pottery districts in Japan. Hasami began crafting its porcelainware almost 400 years ago during the Edo period, distributing them throughout Japan as well as to Europe through the port of Nagasaki. Hasami craftsmen were able to develop a highly efficient system to mass produce their porcelain products thereby making them more consistent in quality and reasonable in price. HASAMI PORCELAIN was designed by Takuhiro Shinomoto whose vision was to integrate modern tableware design with the organic quality produced by traditional Japanese manufacturing techniques.




ø7.3/7" x 3.1/2"

Clay and porcelain mixture made of crushed stone

Care Instructions:
Dishwasher safe.  Microwave safe.  Not oven safe.  Not safe to place over a flame.

Hasami Porcelain is dishwasher safe and durable, but not chip-proof or break-proof.  If there is a contact or impact, this piece may chip or crack.  When you stack your pieces, please be mindful of not crashing pieces together to cause fractures.  

Staining and changing of color will naturally occur over time as ceramic is a natural material.  This type of aging and patina is to be cherished, and does not mean that the piece is dirty or unsafe.