• Golden Hour Hydrosol
  • Golden Hour Hydrosol
  • Golden Hour Hydrosol
  • Golden Hour Hydrosol

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Golden Hour Hydrosol

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Mist your face, body, and lovers with flower powered natural toner.

  • Spray this blend of dawn-harvested Moroccan neroli and rose flowers all over, all the time. Makes for a joyful refresh on hot, sunny days and is an excellent natural toner.
  •  Pure Moroccan neroli flower is blended with Turkish rose. Great for rejuvenating you and your loved ones' skin on beach days and makes an excellent natural toner.
  • Packaged in a TSA-friendly 3oz container for all your misty adventures. Follow up with Outer Being Face & Body Oil to lock in the moisture.

Fresh flowers are hand-harvested at night on an organic farm to capture their purest essence.

  • Hand Harvested Moroccan Neroli Flower Oil,
  • Bulgarian Rose Oil,
  • Moroccan Rose Oil,
  • Turkish Rose Oil,
  • Distilled Water