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Sonoko Sakai

Live Miso

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Unpasteurized probiotic red miso. Sonoko Sakai makes her miso in small batches entirely by hand using Non-GMO soybeans from Laura's Soybeans and koji-inoculated rice. The flavor of this young miso is subtly pungent with notes of caramel, even a little parmesan cheese. At the moment, the color is beige but as it continues to ferment, it will darken to reddish brown. Consider this batch like a nouveau wine. It’s fresh, vibrant and delicious. With age, the umami flavors will develop and if you are lucky, even some tamari.

5 oz. Jar 

  • Ingredients Organic Soy Beans, Rice Koji, Sea Salt
  • Uses: Miso is a versatile seasoning that can be diluted with your favorite broth to make miso soup or added to salad dressings, soups, and sauces. Or how about on your morning toast with some butter or honey or even on ice cream?
  • Made by Soba Mill LLC in Los Angeles California.