• Nychair X Rocking Chair
  • Nychair X Rocking Chair
  • Nychair X Rocking Chair


Nychair X Rocking Chair

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Nychair was designed by Takeshi Nii in 1958.

This iconic chair by designer Takeshi Nii is part of MoMA's permanent collection.

The basic concept for Nychair was to create a simple space saving, foldable chair using durable yet simple materials.  This beautiful piece of functional design can elevate any setting.

Dimensions and details:
Approx. Width 61 x Depth 76 x Height 92 cm
Seat height: Approx. 31 cm
Seat surface leading edge height: Approx. 43 cm
When folded: Approx. Width 15 x Depth 76 x Height 119 cm
Sheet: Cotton
seat / back core material: Metal (steel)
Elbow rest: Natural wood (beach)
Leg: Metal (stainless steel, hairline finish)
Surface processing
Seat / back core material: Acrylic resin coating
Elbow rest: Urethane resin coating
Country of origin:Japan
Warranty:3 year quality guarantee