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Wonder Valley

Olive Oil

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Wonder Valley Olive Oil elevates any meal through its bright, herbaceous, peppery flavor and delivers a delicious dose of polyphenols, the powerful antioxidant associated with longevity of life. Our 2022 harvest oil is a blend of Arbequina, Favalosa and Tuscan olives hand-picked from the groves in Lake County, CA and pressed within hours of harvest by a master miller.

12.7 oz / 375 mL

1. Always Fresh
  • It’s important to know when olive oil was made, not an arbitrary expiration date. We provide a harvest date on each bottle and only sell the current year’s harvest.

2. Antioxidant-Rich
  • The olives are hand-picked young, still shades of green and purple and not the typical dark black. This yields a deliciously greener oil, longer shelf life, and higher concentration of polyphenols which are potent free-radical fighting antioxidants.

3. Plastic-Free
  • In our efforts for sustainable solutions, we are proud to have this product be free of plastics made of glass, wood, cork and paper.

Flavor Profile
Butter, Green tea, Walnut, Apricot

Health Benefits
Omega 3, Essential Fatty Acids, Polyphenols (Antioxidants), Phenolic Compounds, Oleic Acid, Vitamin E

Shelf Life
Best used within 24 months of harvest date

Harvest Date
November 2022



Our olive oil is best used without high heat to fully enjoy the flavor and health benefits. Use it as a finishing oil over raw or roasted vegetables, top your favorite soup or a pot of beans, over a grilled piece of meat or fish, blend into sauces and pestos, or let it shine drizzled over a bowl of vanilla ice cream with a pinch of sea salt.