• Pieni Unikko Plywood Tray


Pieni Unikko Plywood Tray

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Made of laminated birch plywood, this lightweight tray features the white, chestnut, melon, and navy blue Pieni Unikko (poppy) pattern. We recommend wiping the tray clean with a damp cloth or washing it by hand. Do not soak.

Unikko (poppy), symbolizing creativity, was born in a time when hardly any floral designs were included in Marimekko’s collections. Maija Isola, however, was fascinated by the theme of flowers and decided to create an entire range of novel floral prints.

  • Measures: 46
  • Diameter: 18 in

  • Main Material: birch
  • Component: paper

  • Pattern: Pieni unikko
  • Pattern Designer: Maija ja Kristina Isola
  • Designer: Marimekko
  • Color: chestnut
  • Country of manufacture: Sweden
  • Product code: 070479
  • Color ID: 183