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  • Summer Herb Salt
  • Summer Herb Salt

Red Wagon Plants, Vermont

Summer Herb Salt

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Locally grown herbs are blended, salt cured and hand packed by the team at Red Wagon Plants in Hinesburg, Vermont.

Your summertime friend for cucumbers, tomato sandwiches, and grilled peppers. This is their most herb-filled salt. They cure marjoram, oregano, and basil in sea salt to make the perfect accompaniment to summer vegetables. Sprinkle on raw tomatoes; mix into pasta dishes and salad dressings; stir into olive oil for a simple bread dip; toss with bread crumbs and top a zucchini gratin before popping it in the oven.

Net weight 3 oz

A little history about the roots of Red Wagon Plants….

Julie, the owner,  was born in France, a country where they take their kitchen gardens seriously and simultaneously take them for granted; they are simply a part of life.  When Julie moved as a child with her family to Vermont,  gardens always helped to ground her and make her feel at home.  When traveling as a teenager and a young adult, and later as a market gardeners in her twenties and thirties, gardens of all kinds drew her in for a closer look and connection.  

Julie grows plants because she loves them and they speak to her.  This sensitivity paired with her many years as a vegetable and herb farmer, including in Burlington's Intervale, provides her with an expertise that is invaluable to her customers, her growing business, and to her employees.