• Taika Black Mug 13.5oz
  • Taika Black Mug 13.5oz


Taika Black Mug 13.5oz

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Designer Klaus Haapaniemi’s lively art and Heikki Orvola’s streamlined design combine to create Taika (‘magic’ in Finnish). The result is an enchanted collection that brings folklore and fairy tales alive through functional design.

A cast of colorful characters inspire imagination and storytelling in the everyday with versatile, durable tableware that adds a touch of whimsy to any table setting. The oversized Taika mug allows one to enjoy a generous helping of coffee, tea or any other favorite beverage.

Vivid blue blends with a vibrant palette of colors to highlight the intricate owl pattern that runs along the entire mug. Mix colours or collect a single colour for striking combinations. Perfect gift.

Width 4.7"
Length 3.6"
Height 4.6"

Volume: 13.5oz

Microwave and dishwasher safe.