• Yunohana Onsen Mineral Bath Soak
  • Yunohana Onsen Mineral Bath Soak

Yunohana Onsen

Yunohana Onsen Mineral Bath Soak

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Unwind from a stressful day and enjoy the atmosphere this 100% all-natural Yunohana Onsen Powder can produce in your bathtub. 

This Yunohana Onsen Powder is a 100% all-natural mineral mix extracted straight from the mineral deposit on Mt. Yakedake in the northern Japanese Alps, with 159 Onsens in its vicinity. Mt. Yakedake is currently still an active volcano that is naturally producing highly concentrated mineral hot springs. Over millions of years, the natural flowing mineral hot springs harden in the soil, is then extracted and refined to produce the finest, most natural Onsen mineral powder. When you apply the Yunohana Onsen Powder in your bath at home, you get an unscented, light milky white, mineral-rich water that allows you to indulge the atmosphere of actually being in an Onsen. As it warms your body up from the inside and out, it will also heal your body, release tension and stress. This Yunohana Onsen Powders minerals have a low alkali base which saves your bathtub from sustaining damage, unlike other sulfur concentrated Yunohanas.

This package contains 250g of Yunohana Onsen Powder, equivalent to 10-15 uses.