• Alarm Clock BC22
  • Alarm Clock BC22


Alarm Clock BC22

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Battery operated black or white analog alarm clock with quiet and precise quartz tick movement. The easy to read dial features the iconic yellow second hand that is synonymous with Braun’s award winning design history and the contrasting hands (with luminous tips) offers great legibility. 

The Continuous backlit feature means the face is lit with a soft, warm glow during hours when the clock senses darkness. This light automatically goes off as soon as there is ample light in the room. The continuous backlit feature can be switched off and one can tell the time during dark hours by reading the luminous tips of the hands.

  • Dimensions: 1.6”L x 3.3”W x 3.8”H
  • Alarm Type: Crescendo beep, alarm snooze
  • Power:  Requires three AA batteries, not included