• Buchim Garu Pancake Mix


Buchim Garu Pancake Mix

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Buchimage - pancake made with organic dried ingredients and dehydrated mushroom powder. Makes for extra crispy, savory pancakes.

Ingredients: AP Flour, Tempura Flour, Garlic Powder, Queens Mushroom Powder, Potato Starch, Ground Black Pepper, Salt

Directions: Combine 1 cup of mix with 1 cup of water or broth. Whisk until smooth


A San Francisco based Korean superette started by Clara Lee and Eddo Kim. They opened the hybrid market-deli in the Inner Sunset neighborhood. The superette’s shelves, full of direct-from-Korea essentials and local products they love, represent their Korean-American identities. 

Queens is the couple’s ode to the delis their relatives opened when they immigrated to America, called banchan jip, or a place that specializes in banchan. “Those were really needed in terms of preservation and survival for people of our parents’ generation because they were always working and needed places like that to grab staples,” Kim said. 

-From Bon Appetit (read full article here)