• Houjicha Green Tea
  • Houjicha Green Tea
  • Houjicha Green Tea
  • Houjicha Green Tea
  • Houjicha Green Tea


Houjicha Green Tea

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Late harvest Uji bancha is drum roasted until reaching a deep brown, almost black hue. Incredibly fragrant and easy drinking, this is the perfect winter cup. Sencha leaves and stems are roasted until caramelizing imbuing this tea with deep fragrances of toasted hazelnut, burnt sugar and slight smoke. Houjicha is light on the palate and naturally low in caffeine.

This hojicha is sourced from the venerable Kyoto tea shop, Ryuouen. After several years of visiting them and expressing interest in carrying their products, Ryuouen has entrusted Kettl Tea to become their only wholesaler outside of Japan. We cherish this opportunity and the friendship, guidance and delicious tea they provide us. 

Tasting Notes: Kettle Corn / Chestnuts / Roasted Barley

  • Loose Leaf: Net Wt. 100g
  • Tea Bags: Individually wrapped tea bag series made from Soiron, recycled and recyclable corn polymer. 12 x 3g individually wrapped bags per box.



  • Hot: 1st Steep: 6g of leaf | 220g of water @ 200°F | Steep for 1 minute. 2nd Steep: 200°F | Steep for 1 minute

  • Cold: 10g of leaf | 300g of water @ 200°F | Steep for 1 minute. Pour over a liter carafe filled with ice.

Storage: Keep the tea in the refrigerator. After opening, place the tin in a ziploc bag before returning to the fridge - this will protect the tea from absorbing any aromas from your refrigerator.

Generally, the best teas come from rural, isolated areas of Japan where small volume and high demand make procuring them difficult. Kettl has established relationships with several of Japan's most notable tea producers, providing the highest quality Japanese tea to over 40 Michelin-star restaurants and cafes in the world. This is why we couldn’t be more excited to carry Kettl’s teas in the shop. Have their teas made-to-order or grab a bag for home. 

The next time you're in the city – you can also visit their flagship cafe and gallery space in Greenpoint, Brooklyn where they offer their entire tea line, ceramics, incense, and tea classes.