• HS Stackable Glass Tumblers
  • HS Stackable Glass Tumblers
  • HS Stackable Glass Tumblers

Toyo-Sasaki Glass

HS Stackable Glass Tumblers

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By heating and rapidly cooling the glass surface, Toyo Sasaki created the Hard Strong ("HS") line with a strong tempered layer which is difficult to scratch and highly durable. This Toyo Sasaki HS Platinum glass tumbler features a remarkably thin and elegant profile, while retaining the strength the HS line is known for. They are also dishwasher safe. 

Produced by a leading Japanese glassworks, these elegantly thin drinking glasses feature HS (“hard strong”) technology—a proprietary toughening treatment that provides both thermal and ionic tempering for superior durability despite their delicate appearance. With exceptional clarity, the glasses are ideal for serving cold beverages of all kinds. Available in both stacking and non-stacking versions, with a timeless yet modern appeal, we think they are instant classics.

  • Sizes: 9.5 oz, 10.5 oz, 13 oz 
  • Made in Japan