• Lite Air Mask, KN95 Certified
  • Lite Air Mask, KN95 Certified
  • Lite Air Mask, KN95 Certified
  • Lite Air Mask, KN95 Certified


Lite Air Mask, KN95 Certified

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Designed in Sweden the Lite Air Mask is a reusable air mask that protects against air pollution, smog, pollen, allergens, airborne viruses and bacteria*. Made with a lightweight 3D air mesh material and elastic earloops, the Lite Air Mask provides a great balance between solid protection, lightweight comfort, and a timeless design for everyday use. KN95 Certified - Results here.

Comes with two replaceable filters. Additional filters for purchase here. 

99.9% protection against viruses

99.9% protection against bacteria

Car emissions
Filters out PM2.5 and PM10

UPF 50+ sun & ultraviolet protection

Filters down to 0.3 μm particle size

Filters down to 0.3 μm particle size

Filters down to 1-100 μm particle size

Removes gaseous substances

Filters down to 3-40 μm particle size

Tobacco smoke
Filters down to 0.01-1 μm particle size

Package Includes:

  • 1 Lite Air Mask Skin
  • 2 Lite Air Filters
  • 1 Head Clip

Filter Make-Up: When you breathe through the Lite Air Mask, air passes through five important layers of filter media before it reaches your lungs. Each air filter media layer has different properties to filter particles of different sizes.

  • Outside PP layer: Outside filter wrapping in a durable finish
  • Active Carbon Layer: Reduces gases and odors.
  • 1st Electro Charged Layer: Filters larger pm10 pollution, pollen and other allergens
  • 2nd Electro Charged Layer: Filters smaller pm2.5 pollution, dust and bacteria
  • Inside PP Layer: Inside filter with ultra-smooth and skin-friendly finish

Mask Functionality: The multi-layer filter technology is tested at the RISE R&D center in Sweden showing a 98% protection rate against particles down to the size of 0.3μm and 99.99% against pm2.5 pollution. The Lite Air Mask is also UPF 50+ sun and ultraviolet protection tested as well as various international standards. 

Materials: Skin made of 100% Polyester; binding made of 94.8% Polyester and 5.2% Elastane. Replaceable filter includes a five layer patented system of breathable polypropylene, with inside active carbon layer to reduce odors, and 2 electro-charged layers to filter micro pollutants, bacteria and allergen, for use up to 100 hours. Memory nose foam for minimal air leakage and no foggy glasses. 

Care Instructions: The mask skin is hand washable. After separating the mask skin from the replaceable filter, hand wash the mask skin in cool water with mild detergent. Rinse well, lay flat to dry. It's recommended to replace the filter after 100 hours of active use. 

Size Guide by Body Weight:


26-55 lbs


55-100 lbs


100-155 lbs


>155 lbs


Size Guide by Eye - Chin Distance Measurement:

Recommended Size

Eye-Chin Distance (cm)

Eye-Chin Distance (inches)


Less than 8.1 cm

Less than 3.1 IN


8.2-10.1 cm

3.2-3.9 IN


10.2-11.3 cm

4.0-4.4 IN


Over 11.4 cm

Over 4.5 IN