• Mackerel Fillets in Olive Oil

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Mackerel Fillets in Olive Oil

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The traditional abundance of mackerel in Portuguese waters, and its frequent intake has provided it with a special status at our table. Captured in the north-eastern Atlantic Ocean, this fish represents a food product which has attracted increasing interest, motivated by scientific evidence regarding its nutritional properties.

Tired of living winter time in the dark depths of the ocean, a certain mackerel wanted to change its destiny. It turned into fillets and became the seahorses’ keeper, in disguise. Thus, it stopped trembling in fear, and began shaking from the cold.

Chub mackerel fish fingers

  • Blend together 3 tins of chub mackerel and 150g fresh hake fillets. Place the mix into the mould for making ice cubes and allow to harden.  Dip the cubes into 1 egg yolk and bread crumbs. Deep fry. Serve with a side salad and mayonnaise.

Tuna tataki in a meIi—mélô with chub mackerel

  • Cut 200g of fresh tuna into a parallelepiped shape, season with sea salt and fry in a pan with olive oil over high heat. Cut into slices of 1/2 cm and alternate With 3 tins of chub mackerel fillets with approximately the same size. Serve with crispy salad seasoned with olive oil and cherry vinegar. Decorate with a reduction of balsamic vinegar until it has a syrup consistency. Can also be served with toasts as an appetizer or with mashed potatoes as a main course.