• How to Be a Tastemaker
  • How to Be a Tastemaker
  • How to Be a Tastemaker
  • How to Be a Tastemaker


How to Be a Tastemaker

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Bringing together the opinions, attitudes, and achievements of contemporary culture’s most influential icons, How to Be a Tastemaker offers a glance into not only the work, but also the inner lives of individuals paving the way in their fields. Our hyper-connected society mocks conventional notions of taste, which is why Claudia Schiffer’s modeling advice or discovering Laila Gohar’s life-defining motto can have sizable cultural impacts.

What is good taste, after all, but having the honesty to announce your ways of thinking and feeling? Through in-depth profiles, How to Be a Tastemaker opens up the world of industry-leaders to learn how they’ve made it to where they are—from major life-changing moments and big ideas, down to the books, playlists, and holiday destinations that have enriched their lives.

  • Print Length: 288 pages
  • Publisher: Gestalten
  • ISBN: 978-3899559897
  • Editor: Gestalten, Semaine

Semaine launched in 2015 as an immersive shoppable media platform featuring a tastemaker every week. It is dedicated to inspiring, educating, entertaining, and inciting positive change in its audience’s everyday lives through its community of Tastemakers. These 100+ features are an insightful look into their lives, passions, and the curated objects they hold dear. Semaine pioneered immersive multimedia content through insightful articles, intimate photography, and films that put their cultural protagonists in front of the camera–from award-winning music videos to documentaries and short films.