• Sharpening Stone, #1000


Sharpening Stone, #1000

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Fantastic sharpening stones, specially designed for secateurs but also great for shears, topiary clippers and other sharp stuff.

  • #1000: fine, for regular sharpening - the most useful stone for regular sharpening: if you only get on stone, make it this one

The bottom of each stone is slightly concave and designed in such a way that it fits the convex curve of the cutting blade perfectly on all our secateurs. This makes it easy to get the angle of attack correct, ensuring great sharpening results every time.

The flat face(s) of the stone are ideal for shears and topiary clippers and for removing the burr from reverse of the blade after you have used the concave face to sharpen secateurs. They’re small enough to get into tight spots, so you can sharpen all the way along the blade.

  • Soak until the bubbles stop rising before use (about 3 mins)
  • Be careful not to drop them – they will crack
  • Use the #1000 grit for a few minutes every week to keep your secateurs in top condition

  • Weight: 4.75 oz.
  • Dimensions: 5” x .75” x 1”
  • Made in Osaka, Japan