• Slow Hat, Navy
  • Slow Hat, Navy
  • Slow Hat, Navy


Slow Hat, Navy

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The Slow Hat from Howlin's elaborate hat selection is featuring a colored pompom.

  • Made in Scotland
  • 100% wool
  • Soft handle
  • Colored pompom

We recommend not to wash them too often. Wool tends to clean itself that's why airing and spot cleaning your garment goes a long way.

Remove stains with a proper stain remover by dapping and not rubbing the knitted fabric.

Important notes for hand washing your garment:

  • Use lukewarm water, not warm!
  • Use a Woolmark-approved detergent.
  • Don’t wring, scrunch or stretch while washing.
  • Remove the water from your garment using a large towel to gently roll out the moisture or let it spin in your washing machine (without water obviously) for 10 minutes.
  • Dry flat for the garment not to loose its shape.
  • Dry cleaning is a great method to get your garments cleaned.