• Wine Glass, 7.2oz
  • Wine Glass, 7.2oz

Common, Designed by Yota Kakuda

Wine Glass, 7.2oz

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The "Common" tableware was designed to provide a shape suitable for use in many locations and for many years. It is well-crafted, and additional pieces can be purchased as needed. Since its inception in 2014, it has been utilized in both residential and commercial settings, such as restaurants and cafes. Despite its ease of use, there has been no compromise on quality or cost.

It is a shape that is so neutral - with no waste - one that has a sense of familiarity to it, which seems as if it's always existed. 

Without pursuing a particular style or unique decoration, Common items are made as functional and practical as possible in accordance to application and have carefully crafted forms. 

Material: Soda-lime glass
Designer: Yota Kakuda
Origin: Made in Japan
Size: ø 2.75 x H 5.25” 
Volume: 213ml / 7.2oz