Interview with Gloria Noto, Founder of Noto Botanics

Noto is a multi-use, clean line of products that aims to uncomplicate skincare and celebrate the diverse layers of self-expression and beauty. The brand makes a difference by promoting Queer & BIPOC inclusivity through visibility and a % give back. 

We had the chance to ask the founder Gloria Noto five questions about the brand and what she's most excited about. 

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LK: What makes Noto unique as a brand? 
GN: I think one thing that makes us unique is that we live our message. We will never be a brand trying to partake in a trend, but rather come from a place of actual authenticity. Be it being a queer owned brand, or even a makeup artist founded brand - it's always been about connecting with our customer not only through function and ingredients, but also community and storytelling.

LK: As a Queer Asian owned business, one of the reasons we love your brand is because it was built on activism for the queer and BIPOC community, what progress have you made in your efforts? 
GN:This has always been a cornerstone for NOTO since day one - seven years ago. I never sought out creating something that was only surface level. Starting out all those years ago, there were hardly any clean beauty brands that focused on representation and diversity. I saw that there was a major gap in this place and felt it was vital to share more stories and bring forth more representation. And to do this, I felt it was also important to give back to the communities that I was drawing NOTO's inspiration from. We do this not only through representation as a brand but also via our giveback product called Agender Oil. Each month we focus on a different organization to give back a portion of our sales from. So far we have raised almost $30,000 in donations.

LK: What is your go-to product from the line? Are there any tips and tricks in how you use the line that might be unconventional?
GN: I love using the Deep Serum + Resurface Scrub as a back to back product. It leaves your skin feeling insanely soft and extremely illuminated. I like using the Resurface Scrub in the shower that way I can use it all over my body. I use it on the face, as well as backs of arms, booty, and back of neck. Then once I am out I will use the Deep Serum on my face and neck and continue to be amazed as how it feels and looks. GO TO COMBO

LK: What do you see for the future of Noto?
GN: Right now, I see us really focusing on connecting with more community in an authentic way. Interestingly enough for 2023 I want to really hone in and focus on my attention to what brings me the most joy as a business. You can get caught up on fast growth these days, but really right now, I want to try to continue to grow in a slow paced authentic way. Connecting with you all, along that path. ( and maybe one or two new products coming up....shhhh)

LK: We noticed some of the skincare has natural fragrance like smoky vetiver and palo santo. How does fragrance play a role in your daily life and why was it important to include in the Noto story?
GN: The scent of each product is to me, as important as its function. To me, NOTO is a full body, mind, and sense experience. Especially being a brand that focuses on botanicals, it's so important to play with that as a center point to really bring on radical self care. I want you to be able to sink in when you use NOTO, altering your mood to a higher vibration and deeper self connection while also looking amazing. NOTO is for all of your parts, seen and unseen.

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