• Chrysanthemum Outdoor Coil Repel
  • Chrysanthemum Outdoor Coil Repel


Chrysanthemum Outdoor Coil Repel

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Burn Time: 6 hours per 1pc 30 pcs per box

Made from 100% natural ingredients, this round coil incense has the earthy aroma of chrysanthemum and burns for 6 hours to naturally repel insects. Suitable for outdoor use, each box contains 30 coils and comes with a small tin incense holder to suspend the coil slight above the ground. We prefer to place this holder on a ceramic dish to catch any falling ash, making it easier to dispose later when we need to clean up.

Manufactured by Rinensha

11 cm diameter

Aromatic grass, chrysanthemum powder and tree powder known as 'tabu' Tin (incense holder)

Care Instructions:
For outdoor use or in a well-ventilated area. Please be sure to dispose the ash after use. The coils are packaged two together as one so please be sure to separate each coil before use. Light only one area of the coil at a time.