• Dried Shitake Mushrooms
  • Dried Shitake Mushrooms

Woon Kitchen

Dried Shitake Mushrooms

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Every person should have dried shiitakes in their pantry! I repeat, this is a requirement.

Store in a cool, dry place.


  • Soak in hot water for 10 - 20 min. or until completely rehydrated (soft when you squeeze it)


  • Slice or use whole like normal shiitake mushrooms
  • Stir fry with veggies, noodles or rice
  • Add to soups or stocks
  • Save the leftover soaking water in the fridge to use as a shiitake broth for cooking or to cook rice for some extra flavor


About Woon Kitchen

Woon began as a family run pop-up born from a desire to share our mother, Mama Fong’s original Chinese comfort food. We offer a simple menu influenced by Shanghainese and Cantonese recipes. When we moved away it was always Mama’s cooking that we craved. We all worked full-time jobs and hosted pop-ups in the Los Angeles area when we could. Now, we have our first brick and mortar space located in Historic Filipinotown and a second location coming to Pasadena in 2023.

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