• Gansai Tambi Watercolor Paint Set, 48 Colors
  • Gansai Tambi Watercolor Paint Set, 48 Colors
  • Gansai Tambi Watercolor Paint Set, 48 Colors


Gansai Tambi Watercolor Paint Set, 48 Colors

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Gansai Tambi is a pigmented traditional Japanese paint that is designed for both professional artists and crafters. It can be used as a gouache or watered down to use as watercolor. These are ideal for crafts, illustration, card making, and more. 48 Colors. 

  • [48 Colors] Gansai is traditional Japanese watercolor, utilizing colors that are based off those seen in nature, meaning they are vivid and opaque. Pans are carefully filled with paint that is smooth, not granulated, and dries with a slight shiny finish.
  • [Flexible Techniques] Paints do not leave hard edges when dry, making flat-washes easy to accomplish, and are easy to layer with proper technique.
  • [Brush Dexterity] Gansai Tambi Pans are much larger than typical watercolor pans, giving you the ability to use both small or large brushes quite easily.
  • [Palette and Color chart included] Within each Gansai Tambi set is a protective sheet that not only keeps your pans from shifting but can be used as a palette mixer. Each box also includes a color chart so you can swatch the colors yourself and distinguish between them quickly.
  • [Beautiful Packaging, Ideal for Gift-giving] Water-based pigment is ACMI-certified, and packaged in a simple cardboard box with elegant green washi overlay. Perfect for gifts.