• Cordyceps Mushroom Powder, Organic
  • Cordyceps Mushroom Powder, Organic
  • Cordyceps Mushroom Powder, Organic

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Cordyceps Mushroom Powder, Organic

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Cordyceps is a potent Yang tonic that has been used for centuries to support and aid in mental and physical abilities. While cordyceps is traditionally a type of fungus that grows on caterpillars found in the mountain areas of China, this Cordyceps Mushroom Powder is vegan. Sun Potion was able to reproduce this fungus in specialized labs to ensure no caterpillars are harmed while ensuring that the same bioavailable nutrients can be received from this potent powder.

Cordyceps has been used traditionally to support stamina and longevity and recent studies show its ability to support lung conditions and kidney health. Cordyceps Mushroom Powder is also an adaptogen, allowing the body to better respond to stress while decreasing fatigue and improving energy levels. Cordyceps was also historically used to increase sexual stamina and libido. This Yang tonic may also support increased oxygenation throughout the body, as well as boosting the immune system and improving muscle tone and exercise performance. It’s also believed that Cordyceps may have anti-aging properties and may fight inflammation in the body.

  • Ingredients: 100% organic full life cycle blend of extracted Cordyceps: fruit body, primordia, spores, and extracellular compounds 
  • Servings: 100
  • 3.5 oz/100g

  • Mix 1/2 tsp. in warm water or tea. 1-2 times daily. Great added to soups, smoothies, raw chocolate, and anytime you are looking to activate fortitude and endurance