• Organic Maple Chaga Elixir, 7 fl.oz.
  • Organic Maple Chaga Elixir, 7 fl.oz.

Frontier Maple Sugarworks

Organic Maple Chaga Elixir, 7 fl.oz.

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Late-season, nutrient rich maple syrup cooked twice with wild Chaga harvested at our sugarbush, with flakes of Chaga added just before bottling.

Chaga is a conk-like mushroom that grows on birch trees and contains enormous medicinal power. It’s high in antioxidants, zinc, copper, and iron, and has an earthy, woody, slightly nutty flavor that mixes well with maple’s leafy sweetness.

Sold in a flask with a botanical-themed label, these 200 ml bottles will add nutrition and anti-cancer properties to your morning routine. Delicious in coffee, tea, or with lemon and hot-water, as a topping for oatmeal, yogurt, fruit…or by the spoonful.

Certified organic by MOFGA.

This Chaga elixir is very strong, made with syrup that has a blackstrap molasses-like color and flavor, cooked low and slow on our wood-fired evaporator. This year we made a fair amount of very late season syrup—which we produced after the trees had already begun to leaf out—and the flavor of this kind of syrup is more potent, even slightly bitter. It is also significantly more nutritious, especially in potassium.