• Rosé Wine Vinegar


Rosé Wine Vinegar

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This version, made with rose wine, is a lighter and brighter rendition to the original Camino Red Wine Vinegar. It's great for mignonette and vinaigrette in lieu of citrus; splash it on vegetables or seafood.

Chef-owner Russell Moore of beloved Oakland restaurant Camino has been making his own red wine vinegar from drinkable leftover wine for decades. He stores his brew in oak barrels, and you can taste this phenomenal and versatile vinegar in many of the dishes they serve at Camino. Or, you can buy a bottle and try it on your own recipes at home. We recommend that you do both!

  • Capacity: 12 oz / 375 ml
  • Material: Glass bottle with metal and plastic stopper
  • Made in California by Russell Moore of Camino